The Kuia and the Spider, on stage for one and all

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Dates: 19 – 29 March 
Venues: Performed at your school, kohanga reo or venue of choice
Suitable for Years 0-3 

Inspired by author Patricia Grace and illustrator Robyn Kahukiwa’s classic children’s book ‘The Kuia and the Spider’, Te Kuia Me Te Pūngāwerewere is a delightful, comedic prequel that takes audiences on a journey into spider world.

In this beloved tale, the kuia (female elder) argues with a large spider living in her kitchen and competes to see who can do the best weaving. While in the midst of their daily bickering, Kui and Pūpai are suddenly thrust from their home in Paekākāriki and into spider world. There amongst the spiders, they must work together to save the habitat from human destruction.

Performed entirely in te reo Māori, but full of gestures and movement so that everyone can follow along, this splendid show breathes new life into an iconic Kiwi story cherished by children and parents all over Aotearoa.

Produced by
Taki Rua Productions
Capital E National Theatre for Children

Writer, Director Jamie McCaskill
Performer Amanda Noblett

Adapted from ‘The Kuia and the Spider’ by Patricia Grace with illustrations by Robyn Kahukiwa.
Te reo Māori translation by Hōhepa Waitoa.

Developed with the contributions of Matu Ngaropo, Kura Forrester, Scotty Cotter and Amanda Noblett, from an original concept by Geoff Pinfield, Tānemahuta Gray and Taki Rua Productions. Text copyright © Patricia Grace, 1982. Illustrations copyright © Robyn Kahukiwa, 1982. First published by Puffin Books. This adaptation published is by arrangement with Penguin Random House New Zealand Ltd.


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