Part Three of The Pantograph Punch Talks: Is there a case for censorship in the arts?

This year’s Auckland Arts Festival asks a bunch of messy, knotty questions – about the stories we tell, the impact they have, and whether there are voices too dangerous to be heard. We’ve invited online arts and culture journal The Pantograph Punch to respond to the Festival programme with a series of curated talks.

Great art tests boundaries: it asks difficult and uncomfortable questions about who we are and what we find acceptable – in our private lives, in the community around us, and in the world at large. But is there a line that shouldn’t be crossed? Chair Alice Snedden joins Chris Parker, Lana Lopesi and Victor Rodger in an unflinching debate about whether there is anything that should be off-limits to artists – and, by implication, their audiences.

"It’s incredibly exciting to be working with AAF on this series, and to be presenting so many voices we admire: smart voices, angry voices, playful voices, and all of them captivating. We hope to see you there." The Pantograph Punch

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Chair Alice Snedden
Panel  Chris Parker, Lana Lopesi and Victor Rodger

Image: Cao Xun

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